SO, LET'S SAY YOU'VE BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR 30+ YEARS, and you were thinking about retiring and transitioning your book to a junior advisor in the office. But now, your employer stock has been hammered down to 75% of its value, your junior advisor may not survive this market, and now you are wondering if your firm will be around long enough to follow through on any sunset retirement package that they promised? Now what?

Well, as we see it you have 3 options. So here's a pop-quiz, for you:

1. Keep working at your current firm and hope they get their act together
2. Move to another brokerage firm, take an up-front check, and sign a 8+ year
    contract and work until you are 70 years old
3. Join a local independent firm and monetize your business and get out on your
    own terms

Answer: 3

See how: Retirement Package

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